Is Your College Campus Too Crowded?

College campuses are gaining more and more students than ever before, which serves to create vibrant campuses with different groups of students. An increase in students is a good sign for a university, but one effect of this phenomenon is a lack of parking. More students attending a university means that there will be more cars trying to park on campus every single day. 

Campus Parking Lots

Many campuses boast multiple parking lots with complicated permit systems. The parking lots with spaces closer to important campus buildings are sought after on a daily basis. In some cases, students have to arrive hours before their course actually begins just so that they can find a parking space. Students will circle these parking lots for hours on end, searching for a pair of reverse lights or an empty spot. Some students have been known to stand in empty parking spaces in order to save spots for their friends. If these parking struggles sound all too familiar, it might be time for your university to make some changes regarding its parking system. 

Alternative Solution

A potential solution to the college parking dilemma is a shuttle. Not one singular shuttle, but rather, a shuttle service system. A shuttle service can eliminate congestion on a college campus because this system will cut down the number of cars that are trying to park on campus. Shuttle services can accomplish this by moving students from a larger parking lot that is off-campus to a central location on campus where students can then walk to their destinations. For a shuttle system to work effectively, there need to be multiple service stations in the off-campus parking lot. When students can access multiple shuttle stations in the parking lot, long lines can be successfully eliminated. Once students have been picked up on the shuttle, they will be transported directly to a central location on campus. Dropping students off at a central location is beneficial because it gives students equal access to on-campus destinations including libraries, restaurants, and classrooms. 

Getting Started

If the idea of bringing a shuttle system to your college campus sounds appealing, your next step must be to contact your university with the potential plans for this shuttle service. When you contact your university, it is crucial that you present the benefits of this new parking plan. You must also find a nearby parking lot (or a larger parking lot that is owned by the university) that can be used as the parking area that students will use when they are taking advantage of this shuttle service. 

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