Go Beyond Your Weight Distance Permits: 4 Reasons You Need On-Site Truck Scales

If you're planning to open a trucking company that provides long-haul shipping and cargo services, you'll need to be concerned about weight. Several states throughout the US require trucking companies to have weight distance permits. In other words, you'll need trucking permits before you can haul heavy loads through those states. Not only that, but you'll need to ensure that each of your trucks maintains proper weight limits when traveling through those states. Before you begin operations, the first thing you need to do is obtain the proper weight distance permits. The next thing you need to do is lease your truck scales. Having truck scales on site will help you avoid weight problems, which can lead to fines as well as the revocation of your weight distance permits. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to lease truck scales once you have the proper permits.

Ensure Driver Safety

When your drivers leave the yard, you need to know that they're carrying an acceptable load. Loads that weigh too much pose a safety risk to your drivers as well as to other motorists. Trucks that are overloaded are at an increased risk for accidents. That's because excess weight can make it more difficult to maneuver large trucks, which can lead to accidents. Not only that, but excess weight can shift during transport, which can increase the risk that the truck will lose balance and tip over. The best way to ensure driver safety is to have truck scales on site.

Reduce Risk of Penalties

If you're running trucks that weigh too much, you're at risk for penalties and fines. Trucks that are overloaded will receive fines and penalties if the issue is discovered. Not only that, but if weight issues are found to have caused damage to streets or highways, you may be responsible for the repairs. You can reduce your risk for costly penalties by weighing your trucks before they leave the yard.

Prevent Calculation Errors

When you run a trucking company, you need to know that you're being paid the proper amount for your shipments. In most cases, costs are determined by weight. If you don't have your own scales, your records won't be as accurate as they should be, which means you'll have the potential for lost earnings with each shipment that goes out. You can prevent calculation errors by leasing your own truck scales.

Avoid Weigh Station Delays

When it comes to the trucking industry, time is money – including the time that's spent going through weigh stations. Unfortunately, your drivers can lose time and money when weight issues cause them to be sidelined at weigh stations. Once your drivers are stopped for weight issues, they'll either have to off-load part of their freight or pay significant fines. If you've leased your own truck scales, you can avoid the weigh station delays altogether.

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