5 Considerations For Selecting A Dump Truck For Your Landscaping Business

If your landscaping business has grown and you have decided to purchase a dump truck so you can stop contracting out dirt, gravel, and landfill loads, then there are five things you need to consider when shopping:

Consideration #1: Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes

Not only is a dump truck with disc brakes easier to stop, but this type of braking system is also easier to troubleshoot and maintain. While many older drivers prefer traditional drum brakes, you will have fewer issues and less expensive repairs on a dump truck with disc brakes.

Consideration #2: Digital Information Systems Make Driving and Problem Troubleshooting Easier

Newer dump trucks have digital information systems that make both driving them and troubleshooting problems a lot easier than older models with gauges. For these reasons, purchasing a dump truck with a digital information system is a must.

Consideration #3: Fuel Efficiency

If your landscaping company primarily serves customers in your immediate local area, then fuel efficiency isn't a huge consideration. However, if your crew often travels many miles for projects, then fuel efficiency matters and can really eat into your bottom line. 

Since it is highly unlikely the price of diesel fuel will drop as time passes, make sure you look at the fuel efficiency of all of the dump trucks you look at and take their fuel efficiency into consideration before making a purchase.

Consideration #4: Choose the Right Size of Dump Truck to Meet Your Company's Needs

Dump trucks come in three different sizes:

  1. light-duty
  2. medium-duty
  3. heavy-duty

When shopping for a dump truck, it is important you buy the truck that meets the needs of your landscaping company.

For example, if your employees often work in small spaces and will be using the truck to dump things like garden mulch, then a light-duty truck is adequate.

However, if your business excavates ground for inground pools and often has other large tasks involving heavy loads, then a heavy-duty dump truck is more appropriate.

Consideration #5: The Comfort of Your Driver

While it may be easy to discount the comfort of your new dump truck's driver when selecting a dump truck to purchase for your landscaping business, this is a mistake. Your truck driver will be more willing to do a good job when they spend their day in relative comfort over being in an uncomfortable truck they hate.

For example, if you are choosing between two otherwise equal trucks and one has air conditioning while the other doesn't, then think about the comfort of your driver when making your final selection. 

For more information on dump trucks, contact a company like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc.

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