2 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas If You Live Near Seattle

It can be tough to find a special gift for teens that will not only impress them initially, but enhance their life experience in a way that they'll remember for many years to come. Video games, clothes, and cash gifts may be exciting initially, but they tend to lose their luster pretty quickly. Consider gifting your teen with one of the following unique gift ideas that they're sure to fondly enjoy and learn from:

A Ferry Pass

There are many awesome locations to explore near the Seattle area that can be reached by ferry such as Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Townsend, and Whidbey Island. By providing your teen with a ferry pass for the year, they'll have the opportunity to travel around these places without having to rely on a parent or older friend to drive them around.

They can even bring a bike along on the ferry to explore with once they get to their destination. From forest lands and public parks along the water to shopping malls and community festivals, your teen is sure to find plenty of reasons to visit the Kitsap Peninsula on a regular basis. These excursions will likely provide your teen with insight into different cultures, customs, and places of interest that will help to expand their outlook on life in general.

If you want to plan an even bigger surprise, you can consider getting them a ferry pass in an exotic location, like the St. John Virgin Islands. That way, if you and your family are on a cruise in the Caribbean, your teen can still do some exploring with a tour group or with friends. Talk with a place like Love City Car Ferries Inc for more information.

A Business Starter Package

Another gift option that will keep on giving as the year goes on is a business starter package. Not only will this gift provide your teen with an opportunity to make their own money for things they want and to save for later use, but it should also help teach them some financial responsibility that they'll take with them as they age into adulthood.

You don't have to spend a lot to get your teen started with a new business – let them choose an activity they enjoy doing the most such as babysitting or lawn care. Then it's just a matter of creating a tool and resource package for them that includes:

  • Flyers for advertising
  • Tools for work (lawnmower for landscaping, coloring books for babysitting, leashes and treats for dog walking, etc.)
  • A bank account loaded with a small fund for any essentials that will be needed as their business grows.

And since Business Insider says that Seattle is one of the top spots for start-up businesses, you may want to take them to interview or to tour a burgeoning company--especially if they have entrepreneurial interests in the engineering or technology sectors. Consider buying used tools if they're on the expensive side -- your teen can gain some extra business experience by reselling them to invest in newer products as their own business grows. 

These gift ideas can be combined to provide your teen with a rich experience that teaches responsibility, ingenuity, and compassion while at the same time offering plenty of fun and enticement to enjoy.

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