Limo Option Guide: Understanding Your Basic Choices

Choosing the perfect limo for your big event requires some basic knowledge of your options. Not only are their choices in the actual size and make of the limo, there are also plenty of interior options that you need to consider. The following guide can help you narrow down your choices so that you have the perfect car for your big day.

Choose a Model and Make

Limos fall into four main categories – standard stretch limos, luxury stretches, luxury sedans or town cars, and SUV limos. Although interchangeable to a point, each type does work best for certain applications, as detailed below:

Standard Stretch Limos: These are what many people think of when they think of a limousine. They look like an extra-long car from the outside, which generally seats 8 to 10 people. There are also super-stretch varieties that can sit 14 people. The passenger section primarily consists of seating, with few other amenities. These are usually used for quick transport, such as in a funeral procession or for a short ride from a wedding hall to a reception location. Seating is usually in facing rows or around the sides of the vehicle.

Luxury Stretch Limos: On the outside, these look very similar to a standard stretch. The difference is usually on the inside. These may have full bars, extensive entertainment systems, sun roofs, or full business work stations. They typically have open seating plans so everyone can visit and have fun. These are suitable for nights on the town, birthdays and celebrations, or entertaining high end clients.

Town Cars: Town cars aren't always considered limos, but they fall into a similar category. These luxury cars generally only seat three in the back, with the driver up front, although there are slightly stretched models that seat four by using dual facing seats in the rear. They may have limited amenities, such as a drinks fridge or internal internet access. They are mainly used for business travel in style, or for transporting just a couple of people for a wedding or funeral procession.

SUV Limos: These are almost completely a full luxury option. They are typically packed with all the amenities – top of the line sound and light show systems, wireless enabled peripherals, party bars, and sun roofs. Some may even feature a hot tub or other high-end luxury item. SUV limos typically come with lots of seating, usually ranging in size from 14 to 24 passenger depending on the amount of amenities. While these limos are often associated with parties and celebrations, they aren't just for adults. Some SUV limos come equipped with DVD players, karaoke machines, and video game systems, which also makes them the best choice if you need to transport children in a limo for any distance.

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