Getting To The Airport On Time

Whether you are a frequent or occasional flyer, you know that getting to the airport on time is a major concern. A missed flight can adversely affect your business or vacation, and getting an alternate flight can be complicated and frustrating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get you to the airport at just the right time.

When to Arrive

Finding the balance between being too early or too late for a flight can be a delicate one. If you show up too early, you will definitely make your flight, but you will also waste time that could be better spent at the office or home. Mathematicians have gotten involved in this problem, and one has constructed a formula that weighs the misery of waiting versus the agony of missing a flight. If you are the cautious sort who hates to miss planes and doesn't mind waiting, you may want to get to the airport an hour early. For those who loathe waiting and can deal with an occasional missed flight, thirty minutes may be enough.

Check In

You know that you can print your boarding pass and check-in online. You can also check to see if your plane is on time and if traffic between your location and the airport is a problem. Experts warn that even if your plane is delayed, you need to make the check-in deadline. Occasionally, delayed flights resolve their problems and end up arriving on time. If the airline is picky, they may not allow you to check in late for one of these flights. So even if it doesn't seem logical to you, arrive on time for your delayed flight.


If you need transportation to the airport, consider using one of the E-Hail services, particularly if you are departing near rush hour. You can summon a car from your smartphone and expect quick service since most of these companies have many drivers spread out over a large area. Your credit card is automatically charged, and you can track your driver online. Also, your driver doesn't get to pick or choose which customers to take, so no one can turn you down because they are not up for a trip to the airport at 5 pm. For more information about transportation to the airport, contact Naples Limousine or a similar company.

No method will guarantee that you never miss a plane again, but taking a few prudent steps will improve your odds of making your flight with a minimum of hassle.

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