The New Owner-Operator's Guide to Protecting Their Truck from Theft

For drivers starting out as owner-operators, all the responsibility for their vehicle's care falls on them. For example, if a company driver were to have their truck stolen, their employer could quickly get them a replacement truck and get them back on the road working. For an owner-operator, a stolen truck means negotiating with an insurance company to get the truck replaced or purchasing a new truck, both of which can be costly and time-consuming processes. If you're beginning your career as an owner-operator, make sure you know how to safeguard your truck.

Don't Be a Lone Wolf

Truck drivers tend to create communities. For instance, there may be certain gas stations or restaurants that drivers frequent more often than others. Drivers don't select these locations simply because they're clean or convenient, but also because they meet other high standards, such as safety.

If the majority of drivers are staying away from a particular area, it's for good reason, and it could mean that the particular area has a reputation for theft. Don't be a lone wolf; always stay with the pack.

Talk with Caution

A CB (citizens band) radio is important to a truck driver. It helps alert you of hazardous traffic or weather conditions ahead, lets you communicate with other truck drivers, and even keeps you entertained on a long ride. CB radios may also be used for bad reasons. Anyone can listen in on a conversation and use the information discussed for their own benefit.

For example, say there is a truck thief following close behind you. If you were to speak over the radio and say that you would be pulling off at a particular exit for the night, the thief would know exactly where to go. Never give out any details about your whereabouts over the radio.

Guard Access Points

Large semi-trucks have a number of different access points. Make sure you are safeguarding these areas for protection. The average thief wants to get in the truck and get away as quickly as possible to not get caught. Making this more difficult can help deter a potential burglary.

Take the fresco or peek window located on the passenger-side door, for example. Placing a large cooler chest filled with ice or some other large object in front of the window will make it harder for a thief to break the glass and enter the truck.

The more effort you put into safeguarding your truck from theft, the more confident you will be that your truck is fine and the less you have to worry about your ability to work being put in jeopardy. If you are currently searching for owner-operator jobs, find an independent contractor in your area of residence.

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