Renting A Limo? Following These Etiquette Rules Will Maximize Your Trip

Traveling in a limousine offers a high degree of excitement, especially if you're a novice when it comes to this method of transportation. Limos offer a way to reach your destination with a blend of style and fun, but adhering to the etiquette rules of riding in a limo will ensure that you don't offend the driver or your fellow passengers and help to make the experience positive and memorable for everyone. You shouldn't view limo travel the way it's often depicted on TV -- it's not a time to be reckless. Instead, follow these important rules and you'll maximize your enjoyment of the ride.

Getting In

The conventional way to get into the limo is to step through the door and keep moving; this approach especially holds true if the driver only uses the passenger door on one side of the vehicle or the vehicle is equipped with only one such door. Stepping in and sitting down right away will disturb the flow of others climbing into the vehicle, so move as far away from the door before you take your seat. Keep in mind, too, that the seat closest to the door and facing forward is the limo's prime seat and best left for the guest of honor in your group.

Getting Out

Whenever you reach your destination, don't be too quick to want to climb out of the limo. It's considered poor etiquette to open the vehicle's door yourself. This job belongs to the driver, so keep your seat for a few moments until the driver can climb out of his or her seat and get to the door to open it for you and your fellow travelers. The person in the prime seat should get out first, followed by those next-closest to the door. Essentially, you should get out of the vehicle in the reverse order that you got into it.


It's appropriate to tip your limo driver at the end of the ride. The general rule is to tip within the span of 10 to 15 percent. You can decide exactly what percentage you wish to tip based on factors such as the smoothness of the ride, the friendliness of the driver and any extra perks the driver provided, such as giving you some valuable tips about the city you're in. In general, tip in cash and hand the tip directly to the driver at the end of the rental period. For more information, see websites like

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