Tips That Will Help You Keep The Inside Of A Rented Luxury Car Clean

If you are renting a luxury car to transport you and your family across the country, keep its interior clean with the following tips. As a result, everyone in the car will remain comfortable while traveling and the rental company won't charge you additional fees for returning the car with stains and dirt on parts of its interior.

Use Odor Neutralizers And Moist Wipes 

Hang a couple odor neutralizers up to eliminate unpleasant scents, such as the scent of gasoline or perspiration. Keep a container of moist wipes in the glove compartment. Wipe off the steering wheel and dashboard after you are done driving each day. Eliminating fingerprints on a daily basis will cut back on the amount of cleaning that you will need to do when you are preparing to return the car to the rental company.

Cover The Seats And Floor Mats With Plastic

Cover the seats with plastic liners so that they do not become soiled throughout the trip. Many liners have elastic around the edges which will assist with keeping them attached. Place a plastic carpet protector over each floor mat to prevent moisture or dirt from getting on them. Protective materials that are made out of plastic are a wise investment that can be used multiple times. Simply clean the plastic off with a soapy sponge if it becomes soiled. Rinse the sponge out with water and remove soapy residue. Dry the plastic with a lint-free cloth.

Place A Small Trash Can In The Middle Console

A plastic bucket or wicker basket will make a suitable trash can. Line the container with a grocery bag before you begin driving. Ask each family member to check the area that they were seated in for trash when they are getting ready to exit the car. Empty the trash can each day. Keep extra grocery bags in a plastic bag that seals and place them in the car's console. Avoid eating or drinking in the car. Pack a few bottles of water if you or a family member are extremely thirsty and finding it difficult to wait for a drink.

You and your family members can enjoy riding in style without needing to worry about the car's interior becoming messy while moving down the road. When you return the car, you won't be faced with unexpected expenses and will remain in good standing with the rental company so that you can reserve another luxury car when you are going to take another trip with your family.

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