Questions About Using An Airport Limousine Service

Flying can be a stressful and draining task to do. In particular, commuting to and from the airport can be particularly stressful due to traffic and limited parking availability. To help combat this problem, it is possible to use airport limo services like an LAX limo to ensure you have reliable and luxurious transportation. Yet, these services may not be something you are very familiar with using, and if that is the case, having these two commonly asked questions answered should provide you with some clarity about what to expect when you use these transportation services. 

How Will The Limo Service Handle Alcoholic Beverage?

Having alcoholic beverages for the ride in the limousine is a common luxury that many people enjoy. However, there are some misconceptions about having these drinks on the limo. For example, there are many people that assume the limousine provider will stock the vehicle with these beverages. Yet, this is rarely the case because of the required licenses and laws that govern alcohol sales. 

As a result, you will need to provide the limousine service with the drinks that you want stocked in the car. Also, each person riding in the vehicle will have to be old enough to drink for this type of service to be allowed. While these rules may seem inconvenient, there is no way to avoid them. 

What If The Flight Is Delayed?

There will be instances where your flight is delayed, and if you have a limousine waiting for you, this can be extremely inconvenient. To help ensure that you are not left without a ride, these providers will wait for your flight for a complimentary period of time. Once this time has elapsed, they can continue waiting, but they will likely charge their standard hourly waiting fee. 

For those that are not wanting to spend a lot on waiting fees, it is possible to prearrange for the limo to wait for a specified amount of time before leaving. This can help minimize your expenses from having your flight delayed. 

Using a limousine service for your next trip involving the airport can be a great way of ensuring that your trip starts or stops in luxury. By making sure that you understand that you will have to provide your own alcohol for the trip and how the company will handle a delayed flight, you will be much better informed about the type of service you should expect from these luxury travel providers. 

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