Different Spokes For Different Folks: 5 Unusual And Useful Bike Designs

It's easier than ever to find the perfect bike for your lifestyle. Today's bicycle designs go far beyond the traditional and take cycling to a new level. Here are 6 unique bike designs to get you pedaling. 

The Adult Tricycle

If you want to get around on your own power but are ambivilant about a sleek two wheeler, the adult tricycle may be for you. 

These bikes are big and sturdy, and they are made for getting your errands done around town. They nearly always feature a big basket for groceries or other items. 

The Bamboo Bike

If you are looking for a smooth ride, consider a bike with a bamboo frame. Bamboo has been used for all kinds of things from furniture to clothing. Now you can get a bamboo bike as well. 

Bamboo bicyle frames are strong and powerful. They make great city bikes because they are durable and difficult to scratch or dent. 

The Folding Bike

Folding bicycles are full-sized, lightweight bikes that actually collapse into a compact bundle. You can take these bikes almost anywhere, and they are popular in places like campers where space is an issue. 

The Fat Bike

The oversized tires on a fat bike can take you places your regular bike simply can't. Fat bikes feature tires that are almost 4 inches wide, allowing more contact with the ground and a more stable ride. You can take them over snowy terrain and sand. 

Fat bikes aren't built for speed. They are heavier and harder to steer than a traditional bike, but they are a good choice when you want to explore new territory. 

The Rowing Machine Bike

These nifty bikes feature a wide frame on four wheels. You sit in the middle of the bike and turn the wheels by using a rowing motion with your arms. This is the perfect bike for you if you have trouble using your legs or if you just want to give your upper body a workout once in a while.

The Ski Bike

Bicycling isn't just for warm weather anymore. When you want to go cycling in winter, try a ski bike. These bikes sit on one long ski or two mid sized skis instead of wheels. Your feet rest on two smaller skis on either side.

If you are a beginning skier or someone with knee problems, the ski bike can make the slopes more accessible. The bike is easier to control than traditional skis and offers a no impact alternative. 

Now there is no excuse not to get out and ride a bike. Choose the right bike for you and start your own unique cycling adventure. Learn more at a local bike shop, such as Tri-A-Bike Inc.

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