Can You Take Your Dog In A Taxi?

Many dog owners in big cities have a hard time getting their pets from one location to another, because public transportation frequently denies transportation to animals that aren't service dogs. This leaves many dog owners hoping to catch rides in taxis. Many taxi companies and taxi drivers have their own policies regarding dogs. Some taxi companies may say that dogs can't enter their cars. Others may say that dogs are allowed on a case-by-case basis.

The easiest thing to do is to call ahead to your taxi company (like White Top Cab Company) and ask them specifically if they can send a taxi that will accommodate your dog. Be prepared to follow the taxi company's rules regarding pet transportation. You may be required to put your dog in a small crate.

However, there may come a day when you find yourself standing on a street with your dog and simply wishing to hail a cab. If this is the case, follow these suggestions to find a cab that will let you in with your dog.

Make Your Dog Look Civilized

If you've just been out in the park with your dog and he or she is looking a little bit muddy, take some time to wipe off your dog's paws and underbelly before attempting to catch a cab. If your dog has a coat or a doggy vest that he or she can wear, put it on. This will help your dog look more civilized and less like he or she is likely to get the interior of the cab dirty.

Show Off Your Dog's Good Behavior

Have your dog sit calmly behind you. Put your dog on his or her leash if your dog is not already on a leash. Step in front of your dog to catch the taxi. This kind of posturing—with your dog sitting behind and you standing in front of your dog—shows that your dog is submissive, compliant, cooperative and calm. This is the kind of dog that a taxi driver will want to pick up.

Ask Permission

When you're able to hail a cab, ask the taxi driver permission to enter his or her vehicle with your dog. If the taxi driver grants permission, keep your dog on a short leash throughout the journey. Do not roll down the taxi window so your dog can put his or her head out the window. Pet your dog throughout the ride and whisper reassuring words to keep your dog calm.

For more information about how to catch a taxi driver with a dog, call your local cab company. They may have suggestions for ensuring that you're able to find a ride with your dog.

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